Ethereum Casino Bonus Promotions – Are You Claiming Your Free Bets?

The online casino industry is now a huge marketplace. As a result, land-based operators are becoming less and less significant. Why would anybody want to travel to their nearest casino to play blackjack, when they can do it in the comfort of their own home? Or why would somebody travel to a track-side bookmaker just to place a bet on a sporting event?

The answer is simple – they don’t. The age of digitalization has created a seamless avenue for players to gamble at the touch of a button. Whether it’s through laptop, tablet or mobile device, virtually every single gambling product is now available remotely.

However, it now appears that the industry is being split in to two sections – fiat casinos and crypto casinos. Regarding the former, fiat casinos operate in a highly stringent arena, meaning that they are required to verify each and every player that attempts to use their platform.

This includes a range of personal information such as the player’s name, address and nationality, along with their date of birth and telephone number. Not only this, but fiat casinos also demand documentation that backs up the information provided.

On the other side of the fence, crypto casinos do not ask for any information from their players. Users simply provide an email address in the event of a lost password and they are ready to go. Furthermore, there are never any demands for documentation.

These benefits have subsequently resulted in more and more crypto casinos entering the market. As a result, competition is now extremely fierce. In an attempt to lure new players and increase their market share, crypto casinos are now offering a range of Ethereum casino bonuses to fend off the competition. Let’s take a look at how it works, along with a discussion on the various free bet promotions that are now available for the taking.

Why do Ethereum casinos offer free bets?

In the current marketplace, there are now hundreds of cryptocurrency casino operators that are looking to entice new players to their platform. This makes it really difficult for the player to decide who to use. When competition was minimal, a casino’s customer based was reliant on the platform itself. This included things such as the range of games available, what coins were supported and the level of customer care. However, with so many established platforms now in operation, it makes it difficult to know who to choose.

As a result, Ethereum casinos are now looking to increase their customer base by offering those who are yet to join the platform a lucrative welcome package. The underlying concept is simply. The casino will give the player a certain amount of free gambling credit, which will allow them to test out the platform in its entirety. Although the casino are aware that they might make a loss on the initial promotion package, it is hoped that the player will remain with the casino long-term.

This has subsequently created a whole new market, with crypto casinos looking to outperform one another by offering the most attractive sign up bonus. These bonuses come in a range of different forms, which we will explain below.

Ethereum Casino Bonus – Matched Deposit

A matched deposit is potentially one of the most common Ethereum casino bonus offers currently available. In a nut shell, by registering a new account, the Ethereum casino will match the player’s first (and sometimes more) deposit up to a certain amount.

For example, let’s say that the casino offers a 100% matched bonus up to 1 ETH. This means that when the player makes his first deposit of 1 ETH, the casino will match this like-for-like. Subsequently, the player’s starting balance will increase to 2 ETH.

Matched deposit bonuses are now highly significant in value, with some Ethereum operators offering to match a deposit in to the tens of thousands of dollars. If personal finances allow you to, it is always best to take full advantage of a matched deposit bonus by claiming the maximizing amount.

Ethereum casino bonus 100% matched

It is also worth mentioning that some Ethereum casinos also offer matched deposit bonuses to existing players too. This is an additional marketing ploy that operators use to ensure that you remain on the platform, rather than joining a competitor!

So now that you know what a matched deposit bonus is, let’s take a look at the next Ethereum casino bonus that you can get your hands on – free spins.

Free Ethereum Spins

A new type of crypto casino bonus that is also starting to become popular is the offer of free slot machine spins. This can come in a range of formats, but most commonly involves an initial deposit. For example, a casino might offer a certain number of free spins if the player makes a minimum deposit. Once this minimum deposit has been achieved, the player can then use the free spins at their will.

In some instances, it is also possible to get free spins without actually making a deposit. All you need to do is open an account and then you will be awarded with a range of free spins. This is an ultra-aggressive marketing ploy that not all operators can offer, as it often results in the player walking away a winner.

The maximum no deposit free spin bonus that we have seen at an Ethereum casino is 25 free spins. Although this might sound minute, you only need to hit one large pay-out for the offer to transition in to a significant win.

Ethereum Reload Bonus

The final Ethereum casino bonus that we wanted to discuss was a weekly reload promotion for regular players. A variety of established platforms reserve a particular day of the way, whereby players can boost the amount of funds that they deposit.

Although these are vary rarely a matched bonus of 100%, they can quite often come out as high as 50%. What this means is that when you deposit 1 ETH, you will be rewarded with an additional 50% on top, which would amount to 0.5 ETH in bonus funds.

Once again, crypto casinos have recognized that in order to keep their customer base loyal, they need to keep them enticed with a range of ongoing promotions. Otherwise, players will simply jump ship to another operator.

Ethereum Casino Bonus – Conclusion

The rise of crypto casinos has resulted in a significant opportunity for players to make extra money by utilizing the vast range of free bets that are now on offer. Although it certainly rings true that nothing in life is free, in the case of an Ethereum casino bonus – some things are.

Whatever your budget may be, if you are interested in trying out the Wild West of cryptocurrency gambling, then we would definitely recommend making full use of a sign up bonus.

The casinos know that without offering an attractive package, they simply won’t be able to increase their client base. Even if you are not able to transition your free bet in to withdrawable winnings, it at least gives you the chance to test out the platform prior to making a long-term commitment.

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